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Angela is a performer, a teacher, a facilitator, and a lifelong learner. Her mission in life is to facilitate expressive creative, musical, and vocal experiences and to encourage folks of any age and background to replace judgement with curiosity and open themselves to their unique, creative flow.


Angela is the child of two teachers and has a distinct talent for gently but confidently guiding private and groups of students of any age into success. Her patience and compassion are just as much her hallmarks as her fun and curious spirit. She loves few things more than the raucous sound of a room full of inspired kids each practicing their parts!

She has a current NM Level II music teaching certificate and has completed The Art Of Facilitation I and II through Partners for Youth Empowerment.  She is most recently a teaching artist for the ALTO program through the Santa Fe Opera and facilitates weekly classes online for people living with Parkinson's as well as a weekly community singing circle. She is available as a guest teacher for schools, community organizations, and any ensemble wanting to "tighten up" their sound.

Her concept of "reset" is a philosophy not just for music but for all walks of life and her goal is to "teach herself out of a job" - in other words, she thrives on seeing students become independent and confident musicians and humans.



With a Master of Music degree in Percussion Performance from Texas Tech University, Angela spent the last 20 years performing with many of Santa Fe's world class orchestral, choral, and chamber music ensembles as well as with The Sticky Live Funk, Pussy Rag (all female ragtime band), and as a guest artist with a variety of pop/world music/funk/rock groups around New Mexico. She's performed with such greats as Kansas, Tony Bennett, Tish Hinojosa, and Bobby McFerrin,  to name a few.

She performs in a variety of styles and instruments including orchestral percussion, marimba, xylophone, hand drums and auxiliary percussion, drum set, and traditional instruments from Afro-Cuban, Samba, West African and Zimbabwean, Haitian music, and more.

If you can scrape, shake, rub, or strike it, she'll play it!


Piano is Angela's first instrument, and has been a comforting and dependable instrument for her to call "home". She has made her livelihood from playing the piano since she was in college and has played for countless church services of many faiths, funerals, weddings, and other life celebrations and ceremonies.

Angela was the principal accompanist for the Cathedral Basilica of St. Francis of Assisi from 2008 - 2017, and most recently would sub for several congregations as needed.

She was also a choral accompanist with many groups, including the New Mexico Girls Choir, Everyday Center For Spiritual Living, and The Santa Fe Desert Chorale's Hearts In Harmony (a weekly singing opportunity at the Santa Fe Interfaith Shelter and LifeLink).

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