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Honor your loved ones with music.

Music unites us, soothes us, and helps us express the feelings that we often don't have words for in times of grief.

With over 35 years' experience providing music for both sacred and secular ceremonies, you can rest assured that we will bring beautiful, meaningful music to your service.

We are primarily a women's a cappella trio, and we can also can arrange for and contract any combination of voices or instruments.

A music player with recordings is coming soon.

To listen to our music now, please contact us. 


Please complete our contact form below for more information.

Sunset With Palo Verde © 2005

"On more than one occasion, I have hired Amy and Angela to perform at memorials I am officiating. Their music cracks open the hearts of those present so that healing can begin, and helps bring a sense of community to the gathering. I know I can rely on their professionalism and willingness to collaborate on music selection, too. But most of all they are an essential part of the team helping vulnerable families cope with their losses. I am grateful to have found them!" Rev. Hollis Walker

Thank you for contacting us about your ceremony. We will be in touch soon.

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