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Inspire workplace creativity

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Whether you are a government agency, non-profit, corporation, arts organization or any kind of team, creating collaborative environments—where people feel connected, where their voice is heard and their creativity is cultivated—is not only healing, it is a strategy for success. 7th Wave Music can assist you in building successful teams that encourage a positive, connected and creative environment.

Let us meet with you to tailor an experience to your community. We can provide anything from 10 to 45 minute ice-breakers & energizers for your meeting, conference or retreat to 2 to 4 hour custom-made team building sessions designed specifically to fit your needs and goals. We also provide support to create and sustain an ongoing workplace community choir.

We will work with you beforehand to identify your goals as well as afterwards to evaluate the results and determine if your goals have been met. 

Contact us for more information about our exciting programs and a free consultation.

"Amy and Angela are exceptionally skilled at their craft. They have managed to achieve a balance of technical skill, intuitive presence, and levity that is equal parts supportive and disarming--a balance that seems essential to encourage people to explore the oft times terrifying territory of their own voice. Their facilitation and guidance really allowed our group to sink deeply in a short amount of time and opened us up to experiencing our voices individually and as a collective in new ways. Our community looks forward to working with them more in the future."


-Kestrel Alexander, Lama Foundation

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For more information on our services select one of the following:

Ice Breaker/Energizer

Ice Breakers & Energizers

Body Rock

Ice breakers are often overlooked as an investment, but with a gathering of attendees who often don't know each other and may even speak different languages, they are essential to unifying many individuals into one cohesive group. 

Perfect for the morning or right after lunch, these personalized sessions can be anywhere from 10 to 45 minutes and allow for participants to quickly become present in body and spirit. Contact us about designing a fun and meaningful experience for your group of up to 30.

For larger groups we recommend our Body Rock program:

Perfect for meetings, conferences and team building sessions, Body Rock is an ice breaker and energizer designed to maximize time & effort. This 10 to 45-minute jam session uses nothing but our bodies & voices to create an exciting collaborative group rhythm that rocks. It's perfect for mornings and after lunch, and with virtually no set up, we can cost-effectively motivate and unify groups of any size.


In addition to being a fun activity that your conference-goers and delegates will enjoy, we are able to shape our presentation to reinforce your meeting theme & objectives. 

For more information please contact us and mention that you're interested in Body Rock.


In Harmony

7th Wave  In Harmony

Workplace singing has gained major popularity as a powerful and effective tool for unifying & satisfying team members and employees. Our  In Harmony sessions provide opportunities for team members to experience the connection that comes with creating satisfying music together. With a focus on curiosity over judgement, participants are encouraged to sense their own singing process but to focus primarily on the overall group result. Your team will develop deep listening skills as they combine their sound with that of their peers, resulting in a group experience of positive collaboration, harmony and sympathetic vibration. 


Empowering songs from around the world are absorbed and sung using call/response, repetition and movement.  We sing rounds, chants, and 3 & 4-part harmony songs as well as focus on healthy vocal production and listening skills.  A completely different choral experience, In Harmony invigorates your connection to yourself and your community, workplace and team.  Prior musical or singing experience is not a requirement; however, if you or any of your team members feel that you cannot sing, please read this.

Contact us for more information. Please include which service you're interested in.

Innovational Vocal Jam
Start a Workplace Choir

Innovational Vocal Jam

The call for flexibility, imagination and creativity is in high demand in any team. Music can teach us to listen instantly and deeply so that we can truly hear what is going on and not get stuck in conventions or patterns in which we usually operate— crucial skills in a collaborative environment.


Our Innovational Vocal Jam is both playful and profound. A celebration of creativity, we will take you and your team on an adventure in creative expression where you will safely explore unknown territory, overcome fear, and take risks. 


These highly creative improvisational sessions are designed to nurture creativity, improve communication and deep listening, and develop intuition, inspiration, and active imaginations. 

Prior musical or singing experience is not a requirement. These sessions are perfect for any experience level and are guaranteed to enliven your relationship with your team mates and your own voice. However, if you or any of your team members feel that you cannot sing, please read this.

Contact us for more information. Please include which service you're interested in.

Start a Team Choir

Check out this informative article about the steps involved in creating a workplace choir. We can assist you in any of these steps to any degree you need.  
Contact us for more information.

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