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7th Wave Music is not just 

Angela Gabriel & Amy Elizah

It's the magic that happens between us.

Here's the scoop on what we individually bring:

Amy Elizah is a social artist who has been creating community through singing, poetry, and movement since 1995. After earning a Masters Degree in Education from Lesley College with a focus on Creative Arts In Learning, Amy came home to New Mexico where she spent 18 years in Santa Fe's public and private schools, cultivating cross-curricular creativity for Pre-K through high school students. Amy's love of creative arts facilitation inspired her to spend several summers as a contributing teacher for PYE Global and Power of Hope camps in Washington state . 

A lifelong singer & performer, Amy longed to share the joy of creativity and singing not only with children but also with all ages. Since   graduating from the Community Choir Leadership Training with Denis Donnelly and Shivon Robinsong in 2008, Amy has regularly facilitated community choirs and improvisation groups with adults.  She is also on the vocal faculty at Santa Fe University of Art & Design's Contemporary Music Program, and is the lead singer of the Sticky Live Funk Collective.


Angela Gabriel has dedicated her life to inspiring people of all ages through music. A gifted teacher and daughter of two educators, she has a remarkable ability to empower others to grow in their relationship with music. She believes that every musical experience, whether listening, moving, or playing, adds to our personal musical instinct. No matter how old or young, experienced or green we are, we all have the potential and even more importantly, we all deserve to expand and deepen our musical selves and our musical experiences. 

A career musician who has performed with various classical, operatic, chamber, choral, theater, dance & world-music ensembles throughout the US, Angela's music focused almost completely on instrumental music. Even  advanced degrees in piano and percussion, her avoidance of singing was a common one: Angela was "poked in the voice" around age 11 when she heard a classmate belting out songs from the Broadway musical "Annie". This belief that she couldn't sing stayed with her well into adulthood.

One auspicious day, as she was laughing, she realized that there were beautiful sounds coming out of her. She could hear a range from low to high and recognized a hearty and strong musical sound being produced by her whole body. She realized in that moment that if she could laugh, she could sing. Since then, she promised herself that she would  keep playing with her voice. Shortly after, she joined forces with Amy and has brought her whole self, doubts and all, into her singing.


She has witnessed first-hand what kind of transformation is possible once we let go of our "I'm not a singer" belief. This path of self-discovery in singing has created a deep inspiration for her to guide others to embrace themselves as singing beings, fully alive in their expression.

She is currently a contributing member of the percussion faculty at Santa Fe University of Art & Design's Department of Contemporary Music, a Nia White-Belt teaching the Joy of Movement through both Class and Nia FreeDance Experience Classes. She is also the drummer, vocalist & co-writer/arranger for the original global power-pop trio Hidden Whale and is a singing percussionist with The Sticky Live Funk Collective

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