Benefits of Singing

💝 Song is not a luxury, but a necessary way of being in the world. Somehow we have been fooled into thinking that song is entertainment, something we can do without, like dessert. But to give voice to what lives inside is what keeps all things possible. In truth the minute we arrive we are born singing, though it is often mistaken for crying. Yet without this deep reflex, the lungs won't work and the lifelong exchange between inner and outer can't begin. Such a simple secret: by letting things out, we also let things in. So if you're cut off, in pain, estranged, numb - sing, give voice to anything. It needn't sound pretty. Simply, bravely, open despite the difficulty, and let what is in out, and what is out in. Sing and your life will continue.

~ Mark Nepo

from The Book Of Awakening

The urge to sing - and to share the experience with others - is in all of us. Singing, like laughter, play, sunshine, the outdoors and exercise, helps maintain our well-being and happiness.

 Singing is FUNDAMENTAL to human-ness. As individuals, regular singing benefits us physically and emotionally.

​Here are SOME of the benefits:

​The greatest benefits from singing come when we sing with others. 

 I believe that singing heals ourselves, our relationships and our world.