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Learn the songs

Click on a song name to listen to all the parts. When you're listening, click on the music note just next to the track controls (play/pause) to see the lyrics and story behind the song.

I appreciate your patience as I continue to add songs here~

If a title is underlined then it will link you to the recording, lyrics, etc. If it isn't underlined it means I haven't recorded or uploaded the music yet. 

Some of the recordings are pretty rough, copied from my looper to garageband and then to here, but I believe they're good enough to learn from. Better recordings are in my future plans!

Our Singing Anthem I'm Here To Sing 

can also be found on the home page.


We Were Made For These Times

We Will Sing


The Gift

A Bird Sings 

Beautiful Heart

Perfect Light

Same River

The Time Is Now

Thank You

Go Dark

Between Nothing and Everything

These four songs of the elements will be in the ceremony on April 5.

All songs ©Angela Gabriel

Please sing and share widely and wildly!

I'd love to hear a recording and I'm always happy to visit your community to teach them.

Thanks for your support!

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